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Imperium Dynamics' AI Copilot Product Taxonomy is a comprehensive product that helps you identify product category based on the list of ingredients. Gone are the days of tedious manual classification and guesswork about product categories. AI Copilot Product Taxonomy is a breakthrough solution designed by utilizing the advanced capabilities of Generative AI language model - GPT-4.
Developed on the foundation of leading-edge technologies like Azure OpenAI, Streamlit, and AI Python, this product delivers a secure, user-friendly experience accessible from anywhere.
AI Copilot Product Taxonomy is a perfect solution designed to address the needs of companies operating in ingredient-driven industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, food, or other.



Identify generic categories based on the list of ingredients and get insights into certainity of classified category through the confidence score generated by the model. Higher the confidence score associated to the category, higher the chances are of ingredients belonging the category classified.


Use Cases

Classify raw materials for precise labeling and regulatory compliance.  

 Accurately categorize ingredients for product safety and meeting consumer demands.

Optimize ingredient selection and labeling for a personalized customer experience.

Simplify supply chain management and product development with AI-powered classification.

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