A well-organized sales process is crucial for your success in the business world. Power Sales CPQ is an efficient quote management solution, built on Imperium Starter CRM, connecting businesses and customers flawlessly.
It is designed to simplify and automate your business sales cycle. Power Sales CPQ enables you to efficiently manage quotes and enhance customer satisfaction. With its intuitive interface, outstanding features, and data-driven insights, it helps you transform your sales operations and achieve sustainable business success.


Power Sales CPQ offers a comprehensive suite of features that transform your sales process:

Configure products and bundles in the model-driven app, so customers can request quotes based on hierarchy, attributes, and categories.


Power Sales CPQ delivers multiple benefits that simplifies your sales process and overall business performance:

Use Cases

Power Sales CPQ caters to various industries and business models, such as:

Manage complex product configurations, pricing tiers, and customized quotes for manufacturing components and equipment.

Organize quote creation for software licenses, hardware configurations, and cloud-based services.

Manage quotes for consulting services, training packages, and project-based engagements.

Facilitate quote requests and order placement for customers purchasing bulk quantities or customized products.

Simplify quote management for distributors handling a diverse range of products and pricing structures.

Power Sales CPQ

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