What is Power Automate?

Power Automate is a low-code, all-in-one solution included in the Microsoft Power Platform that allows your business to simplify the workload of team members through automation and integration. This platform automates manual, repetitive, and mundane tasks through the creation of action flows based on the template of your choosing. Power Automate is used as a connector to hundreds of various applications and services, optimizing workflows throughout all aspects of the business, including customer and team correspondence and so much more.

Power Automate Use Cases and Examples

Power Automate Benefits

Ease of use

Power Automate is easy to use, even for users with no coding experience. The drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to create automated workflows.


Power Automate can be scaled to meet the needs of all businesses. It can be used to automate a small number of tasks or complex business processes.


Power Automate integrates with hundreds of applications and services, making it easy to connect your automated workflows to your existing systems and data.


Power Automate is a secure platform that protects your data and workflows. It offers a variety of security features, such as role-based access control and encryption.