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About the Program

The Imperium Dynamics Partner Link Program is strategically designed for Microsoft Partners specializing in Modern Workplace, Business Applications, Azure, or Security. This program aims to help them expand their product portfolio offerings and fulfill the unified vision of one Microsoft ecosystem for customers. As a Partner Link Hero, you will have access to Imperium's vast portfolio of ISV solutions built on Power Platform and Dynamics 365. This not only allows you to solve multiple challenges and workflows at a time for your customers, but it also expands your accounts where applicable, fostering abundant growth and success.   

This program goes beyond simply helping you recommend software or solutions; we actively support you in co-selling and entering the market. When joining Imperium Partner Link, you get access to marketing materials, training, and webinars to holistically enable your customers to do more with less vendors.

Leverage our solutions within your practice to automate workflows such as consulting time management, billing, and project management at half of the cost. Experience the rapid growth of your practice with Imperium's efficiency — we've achieved it and are eager to help you do the same.

Our Product Portfolio

Our product portfolio transcends industries and business functions. We have curated a range of products that not only offer solutions to specific business use cases but can also be seamlessly implemented across various industries.

An efficient quote management solution built on Imperium Starter CRM (Customer Relationship Management), designed for effortless product configuration, swift quoting, and efficient order creation.

A seamless messaging tool and connector within Power Automate, helping businesses engage with customers and build brand loyalty like never before.

A comprehensive platform designed to empower businesses to easily create, send, and analyze email campaigns.

A robust lead-to-opportunity management solution designed to amplify sales, foster collaboration, standardize customer processes, and deliver exceptional customer service.

A quote management solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales that encompasses all necessary functionalities for easy product configuration, swift quoting, and efficient order creation.

A text messaging solution integrated with Dynamics 365 Sales that automates text message notifications and enables SMS for contacts and leads.

A text messaging solution integrated with Dynamics 365 Customer Service to help customer service representatives create customer cases, assign them to relevant teams, resolve issues, and send real-time text notifications.

A survey solution designed according to HCAHPS-defined standards for capturing patient feedback for better decision-making.

Gateway to a more efficient, patient-centric healthcare future. It streamlines the integration of electronic medical records (EMR) into Microsoft Business Applications, giving healthcare providers unparalleled access to critical patient information.

An end-to-end employee management solution for time, attendance, and leave management, enabling employers to assign and approve employees' work-from-home and leave requests.

A go-to solution for efficient time reporting and efficient project management designed on the robust Power Platform. This solution offers an intuitive user interface that enables employees to seamlessly report their hours from different device types while also allowing managers to swiftly approve or reject these reports, ensuring transparency in business operations.

The ultimate solution for ensuring workplace safety and employee well-being! Complying with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards, this solution empowers you to evaluate safety provisions and analyze safety measures efficiently.

Your go-to tool for workplace safety. Complying with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards helps organizations evaluate safety protocols and analyze safety measures efficiently.

Why Partner with Imperium Dynamics?

Access to Imperium Products and Services

Enrolling in the Partner Link Program with Imperium gives you access to our product portfolio and specialized service offerings. Our robust solutions can transform how you manage clients and do business.

Opportunity for Expansion

By adding Imperium Dynamics' ISV solutions to your current service portfolio, you can meet the needs of a wider range of clients. With a broad spectrum of products, you can attract new clients and add value to existing ones, making your business a comprehensive solution provider.

Revenue Sharing Opportunity

Imperium Dynamics values the efforts of its partners. When you give us a lead, you are not merely referring a client; you are creating a partnership that benefits both you and your customer. As a Partner Link Hero, you can expect to receive a substantial margin of licensing revenue, creating a win-win situation that not only encourages innovation, but also contributes to the overall growth and success of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Marketing and Sales Support

Access to marketing materials and sales training provided by Imperium Dynamics equips you with the tools and knowledge necessary to promote and sell our ISV solutions to your clients effectively. Whether it is digital assets, sales collateral, or training resources, our comprehensive support ensures that you have everything you need to articulate the value proposition of Imperium Dynamics' solutions and close deals successfully. With our support, you can elevate your marketing and sales efforts, driving business growth and profitability.

Partner with us today!

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