Chemical Hazards

Do your employees work with hazardous chemicals in laboratories or factories?

The Chemical Hazards Survey generates metrics on the severity of chemical reactions and employee experiences with regular work involving hazardous chemicals and chemical risk factors.

Ready to start gathering data?

50,000 lives lost

last year due to chemical
exposure and unsound
management at workplaces, as
calculated by OSHA.

Ergonomics Hazards

Identify health hazards associated with workplace design and maintenance for individual employees.

Take necessary actions and eliminate environmental dangers to prevent accidents and injuries.

9.8% of workplace fatalities

in the last year were due to
prolonged working hours, which
subjected employees to serious
health conditions and resulted in
preventable loss of life.


of workplace injuries happen
because of explosions and
fires, according to OSHA

Physical Hazards

Protect the physical health and safety of employees belonging to industries such as construction, mining, load lifting.

Gather details on employee exposure to hazardous gases, materials, radiation and oxidants that can cause physical harm to employee health and workplace efficiency.

Implement informed measures to keep your employees safe on the job.

6,000 lives lost

daily, including men and
women, due to poor
management quality and
insufficient safety provisions.

2.7 million people

encountered nonfatal
workplace injuries last year br due to incompetent protective

Biological Hazards

Validate health-checks for employees working in labs, pharmaceuticals, and other jobs that include interaction with animals, plants and micro-organisms.

Biological hazard analytics help you protect employees from life-threatening diseases caused by pathogens, pollen, bacteria and micro-organisms.

651,279 lives lost

each year due to consumption
and inhalation of hazardous
substances alone.

Are you looking to improve your workplace safety?

Congratulations, you’re taking a very important step for the health of your employees! In recent years, studies have shown dire consequences for employees where companies have fallen short in prioritizing safety measures. We’re here to support you in your journey conducting job hazard analysis.

Your go-to tool for workplace safety analysis

Imperium Job Hazard Analysis helps you prevent and eliminate workplace hazards by facilitating data collection and providing actionable insights following OSHA standards.




Data-driven actions for implementing safety protocols

  • Easily assess workplace hazards by surveying employees across departments or locations
  • Built-in analytics for OSHA safety metrics for every type of hazard analysis
  • Flexibility to tweak or create new job hazard surveys for custom or site-specific JHA programs

Survey Assignment

Collect workplace safety data

Assign surveys to employees by location or department to complete in the employee Canvas App or Portal. Surveys can be assigned once, daily, weekly, or monthly with dynamic due dates.

Send automated reminders to help employees complete surveys on time.



Review real-time insights on employee safety, health-care, protective equipment and workplace conditions.

Pinpoint hazards and areas for improvement to drive new organizational protocols.

Dashboards also enable drill-down into survey, section, or question-specific data at the location, department, or employee level.

Survey Scoring

Calculated risk scores

On survey completion, employees receive a risk score based on OSHA metrics. Track aggregated data on risk exposure, severity and probability, and take preliminary actions.

Configure email notifications to get alerts based on defined score thresholds.

Canvas App

Employee App

Dashboards support employees to view and complete pending surveys on time, as well as review submitted surveys.

Each employee’s survey response and score is stored real-time in the management app, where managers can study employee responses on an individual basis.

Configurable color themes enable you to match your organization’s branding.


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