Imperium Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is a comprehensive solution designed to secure your workplace and protect the well-being of your employees. Complying with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards, Imperium JHA empowers you to effectively evaluate safety provisions, analyze health measures, and proactively identify and eliminate workplace hazards.


Imperium JHA offers powerful features that make it an indispensable tool for workplace safety management:

Get access to our comprehensive library and select the relevant steps and hazards to create JHA templates. Filter options by industry and job category to make sure your surveys are tailored specifically to your workplace needs.


Imperium JHA delivers multiple benefits that improve workplace safety and protect your employees:

Use Cases

Imperium JHA caters to various use cases across diverse industries:

Assess the severity of chemical reactions and employee exposure to hazardous chemicals, enabling proactive risk mitigation measures.

Identify ergonomic hazards associated with workplace design and maintenance, preventing musculoskeletal disorders among employees. 

Protect the physical health of employees in industries such as construction, mining, and load lifting by addressing exposure to hazardous gases, materials, radiation, and oxidants.

Validate health checks for employees in labs, pharmaceuticals, and other industries involving interactions with animals, plants, and microorganisms.

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Imperium Job Hazard Analysis is a powerful solution that empowers all organizations, small, medium, and large enterprises, to create a safer, healthier, and more productive work environment with its comprehensive features, intuitive interface, and data-driven insights. It helps protect your employees and protects your workplace from potential hazards.

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