Employee Management


Time to set aside complex systems and experience a hassle-free way of quickly handling time, attendance, and leave management. Our solution combines the best Canvas App and Model-driven app technologies, making attendance tracking quick and simple. No more overlong spreadsheets or manual tracking – just a simple, integrated system that works for you.



Merge the capabilities of Canvas App and Model-Driven App technologies for a powerful and versatile employee management platform.


Use Cases

Manage doctor and staff leave requests and provide shift coverage accordingly to ensure patients are dealt with hassle-free. 

Make your processes automated and systematically manage employees' leave to reduce absents, increase productivity, and get insights into the workforce.

Manage clock-in and out and get real-time visibility of retail store staff attendance and leave. Improve workforce efficiency, reduce labor costs, and optimize staff planning.

Manage factory workers' attendance through an automated attendance and leave tracking system. Save time, increase productivity, and reduce cost.

Realign Your Workforce Management

Ready to restructure the way you manage your workforce? Try Imperium Employee Management Solution today and experience the ease of efficient employee management firsthand.

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