The Problem

Home Improvement company used Excel to maintain and update quotes created by up to 200 install crews. Everything was managed manually, from populating the quotes from the Measure app to updating the changes in estimates and labor job items. It was a time-consuming, expensive, and less productive method. Hence, they wanted to deploy a fast, less-laborious solution for managing labor records.

The Outcome

Imperium dynamics designed a Power Platform solution integrated with share point to digitize the manual process of keeping excel-based records of labor work. The revision history functionality of Power Platform is enabled to help managers track changes in job labor items, overcoming the need to maintain separate excel sheets after every change. The timeline functionality of Power Apps is incorporated in the model-driven app to allow the company to post notes, records, and activities relating to contact, ensuring everything is in one place. Moreover, real-time analytics and dashboard functionality are added to enable the company to view labor records at a glance.

Overall, the designed solution is meant to increase operational efficiency and reduce the time required to add, delete, or modify the records.


Solution Features

Model-driven App

SharePoint Integration

Downloadable quotes

Real-time analytics

Timeline , Revision History enabled

Model Driven App

SharePoint Integration

Downloadable quotes

Real-time analytics

Timeline and Revision History enabled


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