Build loyal customers for life by transforming how you deliver service. Imperium Dynamics brings you Field Service Lite, a lighter version of Dynamics 365 Field Service, built on Power Platform to help you streamline and optimize field service operations. The solution comprises of a model-driven and a canvas application that can be utilized to assign, track, and manage work orders to technicians and keep them updated in real-time.


FS Lite offers a built-in schedule board to help dispatchers allocate technicians based on their availability, skills and location. It also has email and push notifications enabled using Power Automate to inform technicians and customers of scheduled work orders. This mechanism ensures orders are met timely. This feature ensures the most recent updates are provided to the customer and technician related to the work order.


Use Cases

Imperium FS lite caters to a wide range of use cases across diverse industries: 

Use Field Service Lite to schedule and dispatch technicians and workers to provide services in various facilities and locations.

Plan and carry out maintenance plans for important medical equipment at medical facilities to ensure they fulfill compliance standards and continue to function seamlessly.

Manage construction site operations, equipment servicing, and safety compliance. Field Service Light can also be helpful in real estate in streamlined property management.

Utility companies can plan field service to maintain utility infrastructure such as electricity lines, water systems, and telecommunications networks.

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