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Struggling with converting leads, failing to reach sales targets, and keeping up with multiple client engagements are some of the issues your sales team could be facing, consequently impacting your organization’s ability to sustain operational profitability.  
Dynamics 365 Sales seamlessly improves and enhances sales performance across multiple channels, and provides a one-stop solution to all possible bottlenecks in your organization's sales tasks. Imperium Dynamics will help your business equip itself with this powerful tool with its Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation service, taking your business to unmatched sales performance.  

Why Your Business Needs a Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation


Time saved on sales tasks by sales managers.  


Improvement in overall sales performance.


Return on investment (ROI) over 3 years. 

Roadmap for Implementation 


Our implementation service kicks-off with the requirement gathering phase, in which our Dynamics 365 experts thoroughly investigate assess and study your business model, through engagements with stakeholders and decision-makers to identify every use case and opportunity for improvement there is, with the focus on sales. This phase sets an envisioned goal with a phased timeline. 

Design and Analysis   

Once all use-cases are identified, our Dynamics 365 technical architects and consultants redirect their resources to designing all possible D365 solutions, along with an MVP to transform your business’s sales operation, while presenting them to business owners to go ahead with further development. 


With an approved design, our Dynamics 365 team initiates the development of a full-scale solution with a sprint-based methodology, while keeping stakeholders in loop through bi-weekly progress meetings for design reiterations, ensuring trust and transparency. 

Go Live

Upon conclusion of the development phase, the final solution will then await deployment once approved by stakeholders. Our implementation service doesn't end at deployment, post- go live support is also part of this plan, in which our D365 experts provide ready assistance in training your team, debugging bugs and other such tasks. We remain your trusted partner by offering ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and strategic guidance to help you get the most out of your Dynamics 365 Sales investment.   

Experience Seamless Support with Imperium Support Plan   

Imperium Dynamics offers a comprehensive support plan with dedicated support hours, development credits, and technical assistance. Our team works around the clock across multiple time zones, ensuring 24/7 support and ticket response times of less than 1 hour. Starting at just $4500 per month, our affordable support plan guarantees efficient resolution of customer issues, allowing you to focus on what matters; that is growing your business.   

Why Choose Imperium Dynamics?

Tailored Customization

Our Dynamics 365 experts will analyze your business objectives, strategize goals and implement a robust Dynamics 365 Sales solution addressing all identified business use cases. 

Experienced Team

Imperium Dynamics boasts of a well experienced team of Microsoft certified functional consultants and developers, which has a proven record of translating business problems into tangible solutions.

Agile Approach

We follow a sprint-based approach with bi-weekly progress-check calls to keep you well informed. For us, your trust and satisfaction are the utmost priorities. 

Proven Track Record

We have implemented Dynamics 365 Sales for clients across industries. Our customers' success stories speak for themselves. Our wide range of Dynamics 365 product portfolio is a testament to our expertise in this technology. 

Our Dynamics 365 Sales Packages 

Implementing Dynamics 365 Sales is a thorough and personalized service with multiple phases for your business. Imperium Dynamics also offers a pre-designed Dynamics 365 Sales package with a fixed cost and a set timeline to help you kickstart your Dynamics 365 Sales Journey.

Dynamics 365 Sales Hub Package

Our Dynamics 365 Sales Customer Stories 

LBB Specialties




Norwalk, Connecticut 



The Problem

LBB Specialties possessed an existing Dynamics 365 Sales Hub app, but its configuration was not installed properly. Although they relied on numerous standard sales processes, their critical data was stored in an outdated ERP system. The current app operated at a competitively basic level, lacking essential functionalities like opportunity creation, lead qualification, security role management, and data integration.  

Our Solution

Imperium Dynamics executed Dynamics 365 Sales Hub implementation accross multiple channels, including automating workflows with Power Automate. We provided them with configuration of their security roles according to the restrictions that they had communicated to us based on their limitations. Our support extended to implementing precise data visibility within their app. We developed a unified platform for engaging both types of users i.e. those directly engaging with customers and those handling product supply. We granted the flexibility for 130 users to access the system with distinct data sets.

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