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At Imperium Dynamics, we understand the challenges businesses face in managing their CRM systems efficiently. While having an in-house CRM administrator is essential for day-to-day operations, we recognize that some complex issues and enhancements go beyond their scope. That's where our co-managed support plan comes in. 



$5,175 /month


20 hours of support * *

20 hours development credit * *

24-hour response time

Unlimited Tickets 


$9,775 /month


60 hours of support * *

60 hours development credit * *

10-hour response time

Unlimited Tickets


$28,750 /month


200 hours of support * *

200 hours development credit * *

1-hour response time

Unlimited Tickets


Discounted price if billed annually

* *

Support contains products bugs, platform issues, addressing critical downtime and investigation of customer issues

* * *

Development hours contain new feature requests, new reports and enhancements to the system

Our Co-managed Service Features


Dedicated project managers, governance, coaching and mentoring

Bi-weekly health checks

Environment management

Dynamics 365 license management

Storage capacity constraint management

Backup & disaster recovery

Microsoft Wave release support

Continuous Improvement

24/7 priority support

Training and setup of help panes and guided tasks

CRM adoption support with Clarity monitoring setup

System enhancement through configurations, customizations, & integrations

Data migration and management

Bi-weekly enhancement planning

Why Go For Co-managed Services

Technical Expertise

We specialize in tackling technically complex bugs, maintaining and optimizing CRM systems with performance enhancements, and implementing wave release updates. Our team is comprised of experienced Technical and Functional Solutions Architects who can address challenges that your in-house administrators may encounter, providing additional resources and expertise.

Governance &Continuous Improvement

Our support services are geared towards governance and driving continuous enhancements. With Development and Support Credits/hours, you can utilize our expertise for change requests, system administration, health checks, and environment management.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Hiring a full-time technical and solution architect may not be feasible for periodic work. Our Co-Managed Support provides expert assistance without the overhead costs of hiring additional staff.

CRM Adoption Support

We understand the importance of CRM adoption for your business success. Our support plan includes a Clarity monitoring setup to ensure smooth adoption and utilization of your CRM system.

Our Customers Using Co-managed Services

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Partner with us for comprehensive co-managed service plans that enhances your CRM capabilities drives efficiency and supports your business growth. Contact us today to learn more about how we can elevate your CRM experience.

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