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PMO use and importance for organizations

What does PMO even means? A Project Management Office (PMO) is a group, department or office either internal or external to an organization that defines, maintains and ensures the standards and practices for project management within the organization. PMOs can also go a step further and play a significant role in supporting and improving strategic decision-making over entire programmes and portfolios within an organization. They act like a supportive backbone that allows organizations to meet KPIs by ensuring the right person is performing the right task for the right project at right time.

Now if that role of PMO is transformed digitally and is done automatically as it is very cumbersome to perform manually in organizations where there are hundreds of projects happening at the same time. Getting an accurate understanding of how they are performing and the value they bring to an organization can be an extremely hectic task.

The common goals of PMO includes:

  • Driving and evangelizing the project management system adoption.
  • Simplifying project management for the organization's users by automating processes into the tool.
  • Creating policies, procedures and best practices around project management functions.
  • Being the project management subject matter experts by serving as a 'Center of Excellence' for all things project management, and providing training on project management best practices and tools.
  • Being empowered by executive sponsorship to make and enforce change through their recommendations.

How can PMO helps?

Establishing a PMO for the organization will help to increase the chances of success for your Project Online deployment. Depending on your goals, this can translate to better efficiency in project management for example, more projects completed on time, which is usually associated with lower costs to manage projects (for example, more project completed at or under budget). It ensures well-deployed, well-managed and well-supported Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of project, program and portfolio management.

Alignment of Organization Project’s Strategy with the Activities:

PMO 365 will the process of your organization's project plan or strategy doesn’t simply look complicated but is actually producing value. This is the key difference with maximizing and optimizing with PMO 365 Power Platform. With a proper PMO 365 setup, it ensures organizations making the most out of their resources because of the growing projects and activities that are occurring.

Eases your risk management activities

Risks are a big part of any business and are pretty much unavoidable. PMO 365 help organizations make sure that they are taking on the right risk for the right returns. PMO 365 with its advance features can help organizations identify, prioritize and evaluate all the risks associated with projects within a portfolio, and produce contingency and risk response plans to mitigate these uncertainties.

  • Enhances the decision making-process

A PMO 365 key benefit is their ability to gather all kinds of data across all projects and analyze this information in order to give key decision-makers within an organization all the relevant information they need. To make informed decisions, people need real-time, accurate and precise information on an on-going basis.

  • Facilitates the sharing of knowledge to achieve success

A running issue with large organizations is that departments start running in individual silos, using their own processes and tools to execute their projects.

  • Designed to facilitate the knowledge transfer

PMO 365 is designed in such a way that it ensures the knowledge transfer which is a crucial step in order to achieve project success. By having a separate channel of wikis documentation workflows process flows features user stories meetings the project scope timeline as well as the member and the people who are allocated on the project ensures that the knowledge is being transferred among everyone easily. Even if a new team member is allocated on the project it's feasible for them to go through the documents in order to gain the knowledge on the project. PMO 365 help gather identify and develop and implement the most effective project management methodologies back patches in the standard for the organizational context

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