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Mohammad Mohsin, our founder and CEO, began his journey into technology a decade ago, working with the Dynamics product team at Microsoft. After which he went on to implement Dynamics for 35+ organizations witnessing a need for more efficient and swift solution delivery.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world; states, counties, and small businesses started struggling to operate. Mohsin realized the value of Microsoft Power Platform and stepped in to help organizations rapidly adopt cloud-based solutions to enable new digital business processes – at the speed demanded by the changing situation around the world. Imperium Dynamics was founded, and a team of talented individuals gathered under his leadership to implement this strategy.

Since then, our rapid approach to digital transformation has revolutionized the way we think of digital adoption and continues to catalyze instant benefits for our customers.

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There are no secrets to success. With decades of combined experience in healthcare, education, and financial services, we understand your industry-specific business scenarios and pain points. Our problem-solvers always bring relevant knowledge to each project and will guide you on best practices.

EDUCATION 16 years

Simply put, your mission is our mission. For each engagement we take on, our customer's mission becomes our goal and delivery metric. We strive to make technology adoption easy, affordable, efficient, and impactful. Founded on the principle of excellence in service, we want to bring a new dynamic into the software implementation market – the partnership model in its truest form. Our goal is to be the most reliable software vendor for our partners. If you invite us into your family, you become our family, and your success, in all forms, is our success.

A world where any business, small or large, can realize the benefits of digital transformation.

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